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Join Primafxtrades in trading and make profits from your investment. We offer a variety of investment plans for forex and bitcoin.

With our all New strategy on bitcoin and forex trades, we make up to 75% daily wins, we also have a bitcoin mining team working with our platform. We generate a profit of 3BTC daily which equals $28,686 in today's market. Our company is SEC registered, fully licensed and Insured, your initial capital invest is 100% insured, Primafxtrades is a trading firm helping the world invest better, New York City is one of the largest hubs for fintech companies in the world, fitting considering it has recently reclaimed its title as the global financial capital with expertise in trading stocks, bonds as well as cryptocurrency.

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Trade Forex and Bitcoin

Why Choose Primafxtrades?

Customer Suppport

With our quick response team we are always available to provide you any form of assistance on our platform.

Profitable Forex Trades

With our team of professional and experienced traders we make up to 75% daily profits of our capital with highly trusted forex strategies.

Safe and Secure

We at Primafxtrades provide you with secure means of investing your cryptocurrencies for better returns.

Investment Planning

We treate the protection of your funds with paramount importance, as we are authorized and regulated by relevant bodies for operations.

Legal License

Primafxtrades is a company registered in the United States providing its investment services Forex trading and Cryptocurrency to the members all around the world

Online Transfer

Our platform also allows for online transfer of cryptocurrencies depending on your location.

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Three steps to get started

How It Work

You can simply get started with Primafxtrades by taking the 3 steps below


Create your trading account

To get started sign up to Primafxtrades to create an account using a valid email and wallet address then choose an investment plan.


Fund Your trade Account

Fund your account with bitcoin by copying and sending bitcoin worth the amount according to your investment plan.


Make profits & Withdrawl

After the duration of trade as chosen on your investment plan, your profit and capital amount will be in your account for withdrawal or reinvestment.

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Contact our Customer Service Agent on any query for a quick response in less than 45mins. Active Hours: 8am - 5pm weekdays only


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